About the curriculum units

The curriculum units provided on this site are designed to make good use of historical census data for teaching and learning American history. Each unit provides a set of key questions for students to answer, using the census data and the documents provided. The goal is for students to do their own investigations, find answers for themselves, and show their evidence for their conclusions. Each unit addresses a key period of American history, and explores a key set of historical themes.

Each unit was created by high school teachers, college instructors, and/or other historical experts. They are intended to be used at the high school level, but can be adapted for upper-grades elementary students (by simplifying the questions and the documents list), or for undergraduate college students (by expanding the documents list, adding data sources, and opening up the range of questions to investigate).

We are interested in suggestions for future curriculum units using historical census data and documents. If you have a suggestion for a new unit, an idea for a new map layer, or would like to submit a proposal to be funded to develop a unit yourself, please contact us!

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